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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Please see the following information about our bring your own device (BYOD) program.

Download the BYOD Program (DOXC 425KB) for more information.

Download the BYOD user charter for Wollongong Public School (DOXC 47KB) for more information.

Parent concerns and solutions

As a result of our parent survey about BYOD, we would like to explain how we plan to address the following concerns:

Parents not keeping pace with what children are doing

  • Communication is the key- home and school, children and parents;
  • We need to guide children to make good choices teaching them to be responsible digital citizens; and
  • We are here to support you by running information nights, open afternoons, sharing sessions, celebrating and presenting student learning helping develop your understanding.

Cost of new device

  • Prices are consistently dropping (recently new iPad $430) which is like a good quality new laptop; and
  • All local High Schools have BYOD programs which all vary in device.


  • Families who are unable to provide their child with a device will be catered for by allowing students to use a school device from 9-3pm;
  • Home –School tasks are saved through Cloud-based storage to enable access on a range of devices;
  • Homework arrangements will not be device dependent.

Lost/ stolen/ damaged device

  • Students bring their property to school at their own risk but we will investigate any issues thoroughly;
  • We teach responsible use and have clear expectations and procedures in place to ensure safety;
  • Solid, sturdy case- Significant protection cover is important;
  • Schools find that the issues around this are <1% over 3 years; and
  • Children want this program to work therefore sharing responsibility for success.

Screen time

  • Devices, like many other classroom resources, are a tool that is used by students to enhance learning;
  • Technology is not a replacement for traditional learning methods, and will be supplemented by traditional learning activities; and
  • The school recognises parent concerns about screen time and will ensure students have a balanced learning experience of both digital resources and traditional resources while at school. 

Teacher professional development

  • Throughout 2018/19, teachers will be engaging in a range of professional learning activities and will continue to do so:
  • Professional Learning opportunities as they arise;
  • Whole school in-servicing from Apple Education;
  • Staff collaboration of expertise and practice;
  • Team teaching / Mentoring on iPad use in the classroom;
  • Digital citizenship training; and
  • Regular professional development and dialogue between teachers with a focus on SAMR implementation model. More information on the SAMR model can be found here http://bit.ly/1EWhIsS.

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